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by En Lille En

All my items are hand-painted and customized, which means that usually we need to talk about what you want.You can order items either by contacting me directly here or visiting my Etsy shop.Stock
I have several items in stock, I can usually add something new to them (name, sentence, or another little detail). You can always contact me for more information.


by En Lille En

How to make an order
To make a new order you have to contact me, most of my items are personalized, if you want to buy now, you can check the items that I have in stock in Etsy.
The Design
Once you contact me, we talk about what you want. You can have a design that you have seen on my sites or we can create a new design.
Creation of a new designIt is up to you to decide your input with the making of a new design. If you have an idea, we can apply it, change it a bit, etc. Or I can also come up with the ideas.Pre-payment for sketches
I am happy to make sketches for you. But this takes quite some time, in that case I would need a pre-payment of 250DKK before starting to design. These 250DKK will be deduced from the final price of the product, if you do not buy my design in the end: it is non-refundable.
Once we agree on the process, the pre-payment can be made through:
- Mobilpay (52767056, María)
- Revolut (@maraz31q3)
- Etsy
Let's order now
In order for me to start I need you to do the total payment and give me your personal details for delivery.
What am I paying for?
The final price always includes:
- The design
- The final item
- The time I have used to made it
- Free delivery to Denmark
Extra fees
- Extra fee for deliveries outside Denmark. Check prices here.
- 25DKK extra for brand new packaging (I usually reuse packaging materials)
- 25DKK extra for wrapping with gift paper.
- 25DKK extra for writing on a postcard.
Details I need for shipping
- Your full name
- Your address
- Your e-mail
- Your phone number
The order is ready
I will pack and send your order so you can enjoy it as soon and possible!
Packaging ♻️
The packaging used is as environmentally friendly as possible. This means that I will reuse the boxes, envelopes, etc. that I have and are still in good shape. It will be still packed in a beautiful and professional way.
If you want the boxes, envelopes, etc. to be brand new, there is a fee of 25DKK. Still they are made of recycled materials and/or FSC.Caring instructions
Remember to follow the care instructions, the item comes with some instructions and you can also ask me.
For items as crowns, metal, etc. Only dust them or you can use a cloth.
Enjoy your personalized item!
Enjoy your item, if you like I will appreciate very much a review in Facebook or Etsy ❤️. And, you can also send me your pictures so I can publish them in Instagram!


My name is María and ,while En Lille En is a big part of my life, I am also the mother of 2 sweet boys, wall painting conservator and tourist guide in Denmark.Art crafts have always been my passion. Since I can remember I have been drawing, painting and creating things with my hands. At school I could not concentrate unless I was doodling. When I was around 8 years old I was painting birds and flowers on silk scarves after school. And when I became a teenager I started painting clothes and cloth shoes to my friends and family. Right now, apart from En Lille En, I can never stop creating from masks for my kids to decorations for the house, you name it!These last years I have been thinking a lot about my life and how could I be happier. So after having my second child I decided to do something that I enjoy, that makes me happy, that allows me to relax, like... painting!And just like that,in March 2020 En Lille En was born.


Hand-painted customized items.
For more information or orders
contact me at enlilleen.dk@gmail,
through Facebook or Instagram.

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